Why Amalgam Fillings are Considered Outdated

It is very common for adults who are at least 30 years old to have at least one amalgam filling for a cavity. They are noticeable because they are silver and clash against the color of your teeth. The metallic materials that dentists used to use as dental fillings decades ago are no longer considered the standard way to treat cavities. The filling material did not bond as well to the tooth and can actually cause damage over time. Find out why so many patients are choosing to have their amalgam fillings replaced with composite.

Improved Appearance

The first thing you will notice about having your amalgam fillings removed is that you will no longer have a metallic material in your mouth when you open up. You can smile and talk with confidence because the composite fillings that our dental office uses for cavities appear more natural while blending in with your teeth.

More Durable Fillings

The composite fillings of today are made to last. They are stronger than amalgam fillings of the past because they bond to the tooth better and are less likely to require replacement for falling out or shifting. Another advantage of composite fillings over amalgam fillings is that they do not require as much of the tooth to be drilled away, which means that your tooth can stay stronger for longer.

Protect Your Teeth from Cracks

One of the dangers of having amalgam fillings for your cavities is that they can expand and contract over time with changes in temperature. This is because they contain mercury, which is responsive to temperature changes. The act of expanding and contracting your tooth makes it more susceptible to cracking over time, which can ultimately mean that you have to have a crown installed. It can also have more exposure to decay because the space that forms between the amalgam filling and the actual tooth is a perfect place for bacteria to accumulate.

Avoiding Concern Over Mercury

For those who are concerned about unnecessary exposure to mercury, it may be best to simply have your amalgam fillings removed and replaced with a much safer composite alternative. The materials used in new composite fillings are proven to be much safer and do not pose a risk to your oral health. The acrylic resin used in composite fillings is not known to cause any health issues.

Plan Your Next Dental Visit

Your next dental exam or appointment to replace your amalgam fillings with composite is only a phone call to our office away. Speak with one of our helpful associates today to set your appointment.