Bone Grafting / Socket Preservation

What is a Bone Grafting/Socket Preservation treatment?

Our office uses the latest technology when performing bone grafting and socket preservation procedures. If you have a tooth removed, you’ll need to preserve the area where the missing tooth used to be. To safeguard that space in your mouth, you’ll require socket preservation treatments to keep your teeth aligned. Socket preservation also keeps your jawbone strong for dental implants to replace the tooth. The process of bone grafting adds additional bone material to the jaw where the tooth was. Socket preservation occurs when a dentist places a membrane over the graft to preserve the socket and keep it closed.

Why is a Bone Grafting/Socket Preservation needed?

Once a tooth is taken out, the jaw bone that used to support the tooth can fade away or become sunken in. When bone loss occurs, misalignments and gaps between teeth can occur which cause bite problems. Also, jawbone may deteriorate in the area where a missing tooth used to be because there is no longer structural support for the surrounding teeth.

If you need to have a tooth removed, you and Dr. Rejintala should discuss whether you’ll need bone grafting/socket preservation when you decide to have your tooth replaced.

What happens during the procedure for Bone Grafting/Socket Preservation?

During this procedure, a virtually painless tooth extraction will be done. Right after the removal, bone graft material will be placed into the empty socket to protect the area. A non-restorable membrane will next be placed over the graft site. This membrane assists the body’s natural ability to heal the cavity. The layer is secured into the socket with sutures. Two to six weeks after the surgery is completed, the membrane will be removed, and the bone structure will be strengthened.

Dream Smile Family Dentistry can help you preserve your tooth sockets using bone grafting. Please contact the Dream Smile Family Dentistry today to set up a consultation with our friendly staff. We use the latest methods to treat your dental health problems and keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.