Dental Veneers

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shell-like fragments of porcelain that are created to look and feel like real teeth. You can think of veneers as a noninvasive way to cover up tooth imperfections that would otherwise require a lot of work to correct. Veneers are incredibly durable and can last for about 10 years with proper care and hygiene. Veneers are custom made to fit each individual’s mouth, so you get a perfect look that is personalized to your needs.

Why do you need Dental Veneers?

It’s important to have an exam done prior to assuming veneers are your best option. Veneers are meant to cover imperfections and are not a replacement for actual work that needs to be done. Some of the reasons you might consider veneers include:

  • You have stained or discolored teeth
  • You have small chips and cracks in your front teeth
  • You have spaces and gaps between front teeth

What makes you a good candidate for Dental Veneers?

Veneers are ideal for people who want to transform their smile without the need for more invasive procedures. The procedure requires little to no anesthesia, making it ideal for people who want an easier alternative to creating a flawless, perfect smile. Veneers are made to be long-lasting, so they’re ideal for patients who do not want to have to replace the prosthetics every few years just to keep their smile looking its best. Most people who want veneers are good candidates for this particular option.

What happens during the procedure for Dental Veneers?

Little to no anesthesia is needed to place veneers. First, the area is roughed-up to improve adhesion of the veneers. Impressions will be done and sent off to a lab where the veneers are created for you. Once the veneers have been made, you’ll come back into the office to have them permanently applied to the fronts of your teeth with a bonding agent. With proper care, you can expect your veneers to last up to 10 years. Veneers are a quick and easy way to completely transform the overall look of your smile. They can be matched perfectly to your existing teeth, or can be lightened to give your teeth a whiter look.

If you are interested in dental veneers and are ready to transform your smile, contact our office today to speak with one of our helpful staff members for further assistance.