Oral Cancer Exam

What is an Oral Cancer Exam?

An oral cancer exam checks for the presence of cancerous oral tissue. This should be done at each bi-annual dental exam. The procedure is quick and takes just a few minutes of your time. Early detection of oral cancer is crucial in improving the odds of lowering your chance of getting oral cancer.

Why do you need an Oral Cancer Exam?

Some patients are more likely to develop oral cancer because of family history and lifestyle habits. However, all adults should receive an oral cancer exam twice a year. The exam is done conveniently and comfortably so that you get the most benefit from it. Some of the things that can make you more susceptible to developing oral cancer include:

  • Being a smoker
  • Chewing tobacco regularly
  • Heavy drinking and alcohol abuse
  • Having a family history of cancer
  • Neglect of the proper dental hygiene you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums

What makes you a candidate for an Oral Cancer Exam?

Every adult is a good candidate for an oral cancer exam. It is recommended that you have one done at each six-month appointment. The exam is noninvasive and simply involves checking the inside and outside of the mouth for any abnormalities. Special detection tools can be used to further identify cancer cells.

What happens during the procedure for an Oral Cancer Exam?

During your exam, Dr. Rejintala will check the insides and outsides of your mouth for signs of cancerous lesions. This may be seen as a white plaque-like substance on the insides of the cheek as well as around the tongue. A special detection tool can be used to further identify cancer cells. The exam takes a very short time and is an important preventative tool to your overall health. Oral cancer screenings are completely noninvasive and are painless. If cancer cells are found, we can help with finding the treatment that is the best choice for you.

If you think you need an oral cancer exam, or would like to inquire more about this procedure, call our office today and one of our highly-skilled staff members can better assist you.