Pulp Therapy (Root Canal Therapy)

What is Pulp Therapy?

Pulp therapy, more commonly referred to as a root canal, is a common dental procedure done in our office that helps to restore a damaged tooth from decay back to its normal state. The procedure involves treating, restoring and essentially saving an infected tooth. When the inner pulp of a tooth is exposed or becomes infected, it needs to be removed. Without swift removal, the pulp can become painful and cause severe discomfort.  

Why do you need Pulp Therapy?

A thorough examination and series of x-rays are needed to determine if you need a root canal. Some of the reasons you might be advised to have pulp therapy performed include:

  • A tooth has become severely decayed
  • The inner pulp has been exposed due to trauma or large fillings
  • There is an infection present
  • There has been a lost crown or bridge and the pulp has become exposed

At Dream Smile Family Dentistry, we can provide you and your loved ones with convenient and easy pulp therapy that is done in our office. The procedure helps to treat and preserve the tooth, as well as alleviate any and all pain that you’re experiencing.

What makes you a good candidate for Pulp Therapy?

Pulp therapy is essential for patients who have teeth that have had the pulp exposed or has severe infection. Most often, a tooth that needs a root canal will be painful, sensitive to hot and cold food items, and feel as though it’s throbbing. An examination and x-rays are necessary to determine if a root canal is needed. Root canals can be performed on both pediatric and adult patients as needed.

What happens during the procedure for Pulp Therapy?

Before the procedure is performed, the area is numbed for your comfort. A rubberized dental dam is used to separate the tooth from the rest of the mouth to prevent any saliva or debris from entering the exposed area. The tooth is drilled into to expose the pulp. The pulp is then removed, and the inner roots of the tooth thoroughly cleaned and filled with a medicated material. The hole that was made to get to the pulp will be filled with composite resin filling material to prevent any further bacteria or decay from entering the tooth. Most patients who have had pulp therapy eventually need to have a crown placed on the tooth. If the crown is needed it will be specially created to fit the tooth based off dental impressions that have been made. Once the tooth has been cleaned from infection and decay, the tooth will be restored to its natural look and function.

If you think you may need pulp therapy or would like to know more about the procedure, contact our office so that our helpful staff members can better assist you.